Hot Ones

The show with hot questions and even hotter wings invites a famous guest over to eat and then interviews them while they're struggling through the heat.

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Jun 30th, 2022 Episode 6
# Title Aired
1 Sean Evans and Chili Klaus Eat the Carolina Reaper, the World's Hottest Chili Pepper Sep 20th, 2015
2 Sean Evans Answers Hot Ones Questions from Fans Sep 7th, 2016
3 Chili Klaus and Sean Evans Eat the World's Hottest Pepper on the Carriage Ride From Hell Sep 20th, 2016
4 World's Hottest Chip Challenge Oct 19th, 2016
5 Hot Sauce Shopping at Heatonist Nov 2nd, 2016
6 Tony Hawk Eats Spicy Wings LIVE at ComplexCon Nov 5th, 2016
7 Hot Ones LIVE Trivia with Super Fans at ComplexCon Nov 6th, 2016
8 Action Bronson Eating Wings in Reverse Nov 12th, 2016
9 The Hot Ones Holiday Special Dec 24th, 2016
10 Hot Ones Mailbag: Sean Evans Answers Fan Questions Dec 29th, 2016
11 Rhett & Link Eat the World's Spiciest Curry with Sean Evans Jan 12th, 2017
12 Neil deGrasse Tyson Drops Knowledge | Hot Ones Extras May 13th, 2017
13 Stephen Does A 'Hot Ones' Interview With Sean Evans Aug 9th, 2017
14 How to Eat a Chicken Wing | Hot Ones Extra Oct 17th, 2017
15 How to Pair Hot Sauce with Food | Hot Ones Extra Oct 31st, 2017
16 A Very Spicy Holiday Special Dec 21st, 2017
17 Chili Klaus Faces the Most Extreme Hot Ones Ever Dec 28th, 2017
18 Season Five Hot Sauce Lineup REVEALED Jan 11th, 2018
19 How to Make Hot Sauce | Hot Ones Extra Jan 16th, 2018
20 Machine Gun Kelly Has a Rematch with the Wings of Death | Hot Ones Throwback May 10th, 2018
21 Sean Evans Answers Spicy Fan Questions and Shares Season 5 Highlights May 17th, 2018
22 Season 6 Hot Sauce Lineup, REVEALED May 31st, 2018
23 Sean Evans Answers Fans Questions Sep 13th, 2018
24 Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish Play Truth or Dab Sep 24th, 2018
25 Sean Evans Reveals the Season 7 Hot Sauce Lineup Sep 27th, 2018
26 The Hot Ones Holiday Special Dec 24th, 2018
27 Rae Sremmurd Plays Truth or Dab Dec 27th, 2018
28 Sean's Gordon Ramsay Nightmare Jan 10th, 2019
29 Sean Evans Reveals the Season 8 Hot Sauce Lineup Jan 17th, 2019
30 LEGO Sean Evans Interviews Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi Jan 29th, 2019
31 Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer Play Truth or Dab Apr 18th, 2019
32 Sean Evans Tackles Season 8 Controversies and Answers Fan Questions Apr 25th, 2019
33 Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron Play Truth or Dab May 2nd, 2019
34 Sean Evans Reveals the Season 9 Hot Sauce Lineup May 16th, 2019
35 Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo Play Truth or Dab Jul 8th, 2019
36 Sean Evans Answers Burning Fan Questions Aug 22nd, 2019
37 Marques Brownlee and Casey Neistat Play Truth or Dab Aug 29th, 2019
38 Jay Pharoah Channels Keanu Reeves While Eating Spicy Wings Sep 5th, 2019
39 Sean Evans Reveals the Season 10 Hot Sauce Lineup Sep 12th, 2019
47 Truth or Dab Apr 16th, 2020
48 Quarantine Special with Bert Kreischer Apr 23rd, 2020
55 Sean Evans Reveals the Season 12 Hot Sauce Lineup Jun 18th, 2020
67 Truth or Dab Dec 17th, 2020
70 Sean Evans Reveals the Season 14 Hot Sauce Lineup Jan 21st, 2021