Spider In The City

Spider In The City is a traditional comedy short series on Minecraft. It introduces Spider coming back from a journey out of town with his grandparents. As of Spider's parents moving away, he makes new friends and keeps himself occupied.

Last Episode
Jul 10th, 2024 A Trip to Los Angeles
Spider and his gang go down to Los Angeles to meet a famous relative that Spider has known for a long time. Spider goes back to his long-term memories from the two-year incident. Shea and Logachu must find a way to find a device that will reach Spider and the others.
# Title Aired
1 Meet New Neighbors
2 Stuck In Detention
3 Bathroom Disasters
4 Prepare To Fail
5 Lies, Lies, Lies!
6 Nightmare Catastrophe
7 Welcome Visitor
8 Staying Indoors
9 Street Mixed-Up
10 Body Swapped
11 Body Reversed!
12 In The Crows Nests
13 Speed Chaser
14 Fight Against Destiny
15 Seek For Revenge!