When 8-year-old Stephanie moves to LazyTown to live with her uncle, she encourages her new friends to go out and entertain themselves, rather than lock themselves up to play video games. Her efforts are supported when her uncle, Mayor Meanswell, enlists the help of Sportacus, who urges LazyTown residents to stay fit and eat healthy "sports candy." The villain Robbie Rotten works to thwart her efforts, preferring that the citizens of LazyTown be quiet and lazy. Watching the city from his underground lair, Robbie may actually be the busiest person in LazyTown, as he works to inflict laziness on his neighbors.

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May 13th, 2022 How To Kill A Puppet!
Sportacus goes insane and tries to murder pixel
# Title Aired
1 DVD Extra: Basketball
2 DVD Extra: One Arm Push Ups
3 DVD Extra: Jumping Jacks
4 DVD Extra: Power Jumps
5 DVD Extra: Jump Rope
6 DVD Extra: Energy Run
7 DVD Extra: Push Up
8 DVD Extra: Skiing
9 DVD Extra: Goal
10 DVD Extra: Bounce Away
11 DVD Extra: Cleanup
12 DVD Extra: Deep Sleep
13 DVD Extra: Do Re Mi
14 DVD Extra: Fantastic Gymnastics
15 DVD Extra: Great Greens
16 DVD Extra: Hip To Skip
17 DVD Extra: Ice Is Nice
18 DVD Extra: Sportscandy
19 DVD Extra: Jump Up
20 DVD Extra: Kick Tricks
21 DVD Extra: Let's Dance
22 DVD Extra: Let's Jump
23 DVD Extra: Let's Roll
24 DVD Extra: One Two Ski
25 DVD Extra: Outdoor Action
26 DVD Extra: Pedal Power
27 DVD Extra: Picnic Time
28 DVD Extra: Ready Set Go
29 DVD Extra: Slam Dunk
30 DVD Extra: Smart Art
31 DVD Extra: Splish Splash
32 DVD Extra: Super Speed
33 DVD Extra: Tall Stories
34 DVD Extra: Teethastic
35 Song: Always A Way
36 Song: Anything Can Happen
37 Song: Bing Bang
38 Song: Bing Bang Remix
39 Song: Bing Bang Xmas Ver
40 Song: Bing Bang Circus Ver
41 Song: Bing Bang Rock Ver
42 Song: Clean Up
43 Song: Colors
44 Song: Cooking By The Book
45 Song: Dancing
46 Song: Energy
47 Song: Fun To Be The Mayor
48 Song: Galaxy
49 Song: Gizmo Guy
50 Song: Go For It
51 Song: Good Stuff
52 Song: Good To Be Bad
53 Song: Have You Ever
54 Song: I Can Move
55 Song: I Like Learning
56 Song: I Love Christmas
57 Song: I Am A Prince
58 Song: I Wanna Dance
59 Song: Lazy Rockets
60 Song: Lazy Scouts
61 Song: Lazytown MegaMix
62 Song: Let's Go
63 Song: Man On A Mission
64 Song: Master Of Disguise
65 Song: New Games Everyday
66 Song: No One Is Lazy In Lazytown
67 Song: No One Is Lazy In Lazytown Remix
68 Song: Playing On The Playground
69 Song: Playtime
70 Song: Snow - Give Me Snow
71 Song: Spooky Song
72 Song: Step By Step
73 Song: Story Time
74 Song: Take A Vacation
75 Song: Teamwork
76 Song: Techno Generation
77 Song: The Greatest Genie
78 Song: The Mine Song
79 Song: Time To Play
80 Song: Time To Start The Show
81 Song: Twenty Times Time
82 Song: Wake Up
83 Song: We Got Energy
84 Song: We Will Be Friends
85 Song: Welcome To LazyTown
86 Song: Welcome To LazyTown Xmas Ver
87 Song: Play In A Band
88 Song: Woof Woof Woof
89 Song: You Are A Pirate
90 Welcome to LazyTown Redux