Life Below Zero: Next Generation

The series features all-new tough Alaskans who have tried contemporary life and rejected it in favor of a life of freedom in the brutal Alaskan wilderness. They speak to the growing dissatisfaction the current generation has with technology, which is ubiquitous in modern life. The brave crew follows these less experienced individuals as they transition from modern-day society to forge a new life for themselves in the vastness of Alaska's wild frontier. This next generation of Alaskans are playing by their own rules, rebelling against societal norms and learning how to survive in the harsh Arctic climate.

Last Episode
Oct 27th, 2020 Episode 9
# Title Aired
2 Unknown and Uncharted Sep 8th, 2020
3 Living on the Edge Sep 15th, 2020
4 The Struggle Begins Sep 22nd, 2020
5 Episode 5 Sep 29th, 2020
6 Episode 6 Oct 6th, 2020
7 Episode 7 Oct 13th, 2020
8 Episode 8 Oct 20th, 2020
9 Episode 9 Oct 27th, 2020