# Title Aired
1 Who is the first guest that made Jessi sweat!? (ft.4dollars)
1 EP.01 with Kim Yeong Cheol
2 Jessi needs a life character, too! It's Pt. 2 with Sweet Appa Yeong Cheol who melted Jessi.
2 EP.02 with Kim Yeong Cheol
3 Solar learns a new form of Korean style entertainment from Jessi.
3 EP.03 with Solar
4 You crazy? Jessi's interview with abusive language
4 EP.04 with 말왕TV
5 Jessi got angry at Jung Sik oppa. Why is MC Jessi angry?
5 EP.05 with Jo Jung Shik
6 Seunghee, member of OHMYGIRL
6 EP.06 with Hyun Seung Hee
7 Jessi X Haha chemistry they have not shown on Running Man
7 EP.07 with HaHa
8 Jessi will unveil the stage for the first time.
8 EP.08 with Yoo Jae Pil
9 Park Moon Chi, the craftsman of Newtro came to Showterview
9 EP.09 with Park Moon Chi
10 Jessi's male friend Eric Nam is here.
10 EP.10 with Eric Nam
11 Will Kim Jong Min, form a mixed group with Jessi?
11 EP.11 with Kim Jong Min
12 Will Jessi be angry? Jin Yong Jin tells you that.
12 EP.12 with Jin Yong Jin
13 Kim Hee Chul talks about cutting his hair for an ad.
13 EP.13 with Kim Hee Chul
14 Captain Ken Rhee, Are you on Showterview to play?
14 EP.14 with Lee Geun
15 Jessi and Dawn opened Love Counseling Center
15 EP.15 with Dawn
16 What is Jessi's fortune solved by a scholar Kang Heon?
16 EP.16 with Kang Heon
17 How does Queen Wasabii deal with malicious comments?
17 EP.17 with Queen Wa$abii
18 Find Out Sunmi's Real Personality
18 EP.18 with Sunmi
19 All-around entertainer Im Chang Jung is back with his 16th album.
19 EP.19 with Im Chang Jung
20 Samjin Company English Class characters came to Showterview.
20 EP.20 with Go Ah Sung, Esom, Park Hye Soo
21 Follow me to the roof! Why did Kwon Sang Woo summon Jessi?
21 EP.21 with Kwon Sang Woo
22 Jessi's best friend Tiffany Young is on Showterview!
22 EP.22 with Tiffany
23 Lee Je Hoon and Cho Woo Jin came to take Jessi's heart.
23 EP.23 with Lee Je Hoon and Jo Woo Jin
24 In-depth discussion between Nucksal, Don Mills and Jessi
24 EP.24 with Nucksal, Don Mills
25 Lee Sang Yeob exhausted from an interview with Jessi
25 EP.25 with Lee Sang Yeob
26 Park Joon Hyung and Jessi are united!
26 EP.26 with Joon Park
27 Is Yoo Jae Seok a guest in the Showterview?
27 EP.27 with Yoo Jae Suk
28 Kim Gu Ra and Seo Jang Hoon made chaos of overlapped audio.
28 EP.28 with Kim Gu Ra, Seo Jang Hoon
29 Jessi listened to Kim Jong Kook's heart.
29 EP.29 with Kim Jong Kook
30 Christmas Eve Special / Love counseling center with Haha and Byul!
30 EP.30 with Byul and HaHa
31 Rising star Jessi and final boss Park Mi Sun met!
31 EP.31 with Park Mi Sun
32 Untitled Sep 8th, 2021